Iced Tea


      Our Black Iced Teas are made with Nilgiri tea from South India

      Makes iced tea that tastes great and never clouds.

      For higher-quality iced tea, you’ll want to pay attention to the tea bags you are using.
      Nilgiri tea from South India makes Iced Tea that tastes great and never clouds.

      Why Nilgiri tea is famous?

      Nilgiri tea is known for its briskness, referring to lively fragrant flavors, a quality attributed to its climatic growing conditions.
      Nilgiri teas are used to make one of the best iced teas in the world.
      They are different because they never turn bitter, don’t cloud, and produce unique, natural, and sweet notes.
      Blue Moon Iced Tea Bags are produced by an Indian Tea company that buys direct from the source and creates flavors that are known to have many customers enjoy fresh iced tea.


      hand-plucked black tea leaves with natural and essential oils.

      Place one tea bag in a pitcher, pour 4 cups of freshly boiled water over the bag, and infuse for 3-5 minutes. Remove the bag, let the tea cool to room temperature and add 12 cups of cool water.
      Fresh brewed Black Currant iced tea produces a deep amber liquor with a light refreshing flavor.
      Net Wt. 10 oz. (283.5 g)