Christmas Cookie Gifts


      Christmas Cookie Gifts

      • Shortbread cookies are an excellent choice for Christmas cookie gifts that need to be shipped because they are sturdy and have a texture that makes them less prone to breaking compared to softer cookies. Here's why shortbread cookies are a great option for shipping:

      • 1. Sturdy Texture: Shortbread cookies are known for their dense and crumbly texture. This texture helps them hold up well during shipping, as they are less likely to shatter or break into pieces.

        2. Minimal Moisture: Shortbread cookies have a low moisture content, which contributes to their long shelf life and resilience during transit. They are less prone to becoming stale or soggy, even after several days in transit.

        3. Butter-Based: Shortbread cookies are typically made with a generous amount of butter, which not only gives them their rich flavor but also adds a protective layer that can help prevent them from crumbling during shipping.

        4. Simple Ingredients: Shortbread cookies are made with basic ingredients like butter, sugar, and flour, and we use flavor oils that don't bake out. Which means there are fewer ingredients that can lead to breakage or spoilage during shipping.

        5. Classic and Popular: Shortbread cookies are a beloved classic, and many people enjoy their buttery, slightly sweet taste. They are a familiar and well-loved treat, making them an excellent choice for gifting.