Enamelware Mugs & Cups

      • Enamelware is metal, aluminum, cookware coated in a porcelain lining that makes it easy to clean, safe to heat, and long-lasting.
      • Enamel mugs are great for the outdoors due to their lightweight, shatter resistant, and versatile qualities providing you with a true camping experience.
      • Enamelware is food safe.
      • Although the porcelain can chip and reveal the metal underneath, it will naturally oxidize and still be perfectly safe to use. Children and adults can enjoy their food and drink without the risk of anything contaminating their food.
      • Enamel is a material produced by fusing powdered glass to a substrate.
      • It is fired with additive pigments.
      • Covering steel elements with enamel protects the base material from rust, gives the ware a pleasing aesthetic, and guarantees health and safety when enamelware is used in the kitchen.
      • Its durability is the result of firing at high temperatures (about 850°C)
      • This not only makes it durable, but also makes it dishwasher-safe.